Chris Author R.A.W.

Growing up rough taught Christopher “Chris Author R.A.W” Hammond a lot about life and how to make the best of what it gives you. “As a kid growing up I lived the typical black stereotype. My dad was in prison & wasn’t there so my mother raised my brother & I. It was rough, but we got by, you know?” It would soon be these very own troubling times that would push Chris onto the path he would soon find his purpose on. “From elementary school transitioning to high school I realized you didn’t have to be grown to rap so I packed all my anger and frustrations in to music. I just listened to a lot of it and that’s where I found peace.” It was from that moment on that he decided to take his emotions and put them on wax. “My name was actually ‘Lucifer’ at first since I was really spittin’ some dark sh*t at the time, haha. But as I grew into my own; I changed.” And Chris Author was born. “I changed my name to Chris Author to kind of pay homage to King Arthur and also added the R.A.W. to stand for ‘Ready & Willing’ after I heard ‘RAW’ by Big Daddy Kane.” He would begin his rap career with childhood friends before meeting Danny “D-Man” Goncalves as a freshman at Brockton High School. It would be there in the halls of BHS a that they would begin forming the foundation for the Sky High Fly Guys by forming a duo group called 4th & 10. They would soon begin honing their skills in numerous lunchroom cyphers and battles and even put out a sampler CD that had the 5000+ student body fiending for more. “One day a good friend of mine Bruce Perrin a.k.a. Chief gathered a group of young rappers including myself so we could form a group by the name of Hazardous. Bruce knew that I would write just for laughs but he wanted me to reach my full potential. It was difficult because evenafter I departed from the team with Bruce and linked up w/ D-Man (whom till this day we still don’t even know how we met) I was still lacking when it came to the songs I wrote to. A lot of people doubted me and said I was garbage so I used that as fuel to perfect my style.” After graduating high school he would begin to pursue a career as a Hip-Hop artist full time and put out various projects such as Irony’s My B*tchStreet Blues Basement & V.I.P. (Victory Is Preparation) before working on what would become the critically acclaimed debut album of the Sky High Fly Guys, Live…Before You Die. With the chip on his shoulder still as big as ever and the burning desire to prove his doubters wrong and showcase his talents Chris Author R.A.W. looks to grow every day as an artist and continue to put his heart and soul into his music as he feels it is the one true thing that brings him peace in a world that made him R.A.W….and he’s more than ready and willing to show you.

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