Born September 6th, 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts; Danny “D-Man” Goncalves has had creativity in him since a baby. “Danny always kept to himself as a kid in his own imaginary world. When he was two I started noticing him reading full dictionaries fluently and making up songs about his toys; in fact the first song he ever sang, he made up about his Ninja Turtle toys!” says his mother Maria who noticed Danny’s creativity and imagination was far beyond a normal two year old’s. His older sister recalls a memorable story showcasing his talents “I once brought him to school one time when I was in junior high and I asked him to sing Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and he got up on the stage in front of hundreds of people and sang his heart out; dancing and everything…he was FIVE!” Once noticed, his parents and school ended up placing him in special education for talented and gifted students and it was there where he himself would start to notice his own gifts. “I started to notice my own growth and talents way more since I was being challenged harder. While most of my friends were reading ‘Hop On Pop’; I was coming home with Latin homework and sh*t, so it was always weird, haha.” says D-Man himself on his flourishing creativity that would end up propelling him into Hip-Hop elite, even with his home life worsening by the moment. “We grew up poor as hell, man. I mean like ’10 people in a two bedroom apartment’ poor; it was such a dichotomy that I could be around smart kids from nice, stable families who give them Lunchables to take to lunch and shit at school only for me to be eating school lunch and coming home to no lights cause we couldn’t afford the bill.” It was through these trials and tribulations that D-Man would find his calling; music. “My parents would always play old soul and African music throughout the house as a kid and even though I HATED it growing up; it permeated into my tastes and gave me that soulful feel I put in my music now, but even back then we were going through problems. My dad was murdered, mom had breast cancer twice, my sister was mentally ill, but even with all that? We always had that family love and was what kept me going.” At the age of 10, after being introduced to writing lyrics by his cousin; he would begin putting his creatvity and pain to use by writing songs. “Once I started rapping…it WAS a wrap, haha. From that moment on I knew my life’s dream was to become the greatest rapper of all time.” Through that love of rapping, he would also gain a new love: Production. “I was tired of rapping over instrumentals I was finding on the Internet so when I was 13 my same cousin that got me into rapping hit me with a beat machine program and from that day on I dedicated myself to it and got better everyday. It’s all about how hard you’re willing to work to get something. Perfect doesn’t exist, but I’m trying to get as close as humanly possible.” With a critically acclaimed debut project w/ fellow Massachusetts producer GxWay (“The Parcae”) and numerous instrumental albums w/ Dart Adams and ProducersIKnow.com under his belt; D-Man continues to garner praise and accolades as one of the brightest young stars coming up in the Hip-Hop scene and looks to rise even further amongst the stars.

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