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Founded out in the turbulent streets of the City Of Champions, Brockton, Massachusetts in 2005 by members Danny “D-Man” Goncalves , Christopher “Chris Author R.A.W” Hammond & a third member who would eventually bow out of the trio’s plans of Hip-Hop super-stardom. “SHFG pretty much started with me and C back when we were at Brockton High as teens. We had already formed a duo called ‘4th & 10’, but as more people wanted to eventually rock with us; we expanded and formed a sort of umbrella unit of sorts where we could all sorta do us, yet still be under the group.” says D-Man…enter the Sky High Fly Guys. After watching the duo perform at a talent showcase  at their alma mater (of which is home to one of the biggest high school student body enrollments in the country of  upwards to 5000+ students) Jerome “Rome” Edwards would soon see the potential of aligning himself with the aforementioned duo. “They came through the talent show and shut it down, man; got one of the best reactions of the crowd the entire night and there was MAD people there showin’ love, you know? So I figured movin’ how they [were] movin’ I had to rock with ’em and combine to hit these n*ggas over the head, feel me?” says Rome on his early SHFG days. After teaming up with Danny & Chris to form the nucleus of the Sky High regiment and creating countless starter mixtapes and perfecting their craft; they started adding on additional members and becoming much more rounded and diverse. “I’ve known D for a long time, man, his moms pretty much used to watch ME as a baby and he’s always been tellin’ me about he had “plans” for me and how he’s thinkin’ about formin’ this group and how he wanted me to be in it and all that, you know? But I was always out doin’ my own thing whether it was in the streets or the booth, you know just gettin’ my own hustle on, never one to depend on nobody, but once I seen how D and them was doin’ things and the quality of music they were puttin’ out, it was like I HAD to f*ck with the movement and now, it’s been Sky High ever since.” says Just Julez, the youngest Sky High member, joining the team soon after along with fellow Sky High childhood friend, the laid back sneaker and all things dope aficionado, Bodega Jay. In 2014 they released their debut LP “Live…Before You Die” to critical acclaim and fanfare leaving many proclaiming the release as one of the best albums of the year ‘”with youthful charisma and skills to spare” says Martin Caballero of the Boston Globe. With their debut catching fire within the Hip-Hop world and spreading throughout parts of the globe; the Sky High Fly Guys are currently flying high with their sights set even higher… and it’s only a matter of time before their patented rebellious brash bravado finds it’s way permeating through your ear drum and blowing your mind.

#SkyHighTilWeSkydive x #AlwaysAndForever

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