[NEW MUSIC] – Bodega Jay – Ignorance (prod. by D-Man)

With new purpose and drive, Bodega Jay sets to make his mark with his new, debut single “Ignorance“. Over some sparse, yet hauntingly melodic and trips production provided by Sky High beat smith D-Man; ‘Dega proceeds to to indulge the listener in a sensual experience of lost love or rather love lost in this soulful tale of infidelity and romance perfect for midnight listening…#ListenToThisAtNight.




[NEW MUSIC] – D-Man – I Perfected The Remix

With a brand new wave of Boston based Hip-Hop being introduced en mass to the world; Young Dapper teams up with Dart Adams & ProducersIKnow.com yet again to kick off #Summer16 right with a brand new project featuring remixes of a vast selection of classics and new hits with his newest release “I Perfected The Remix“. Bringing both new life to some of your favorite classics such as The Notorious B.I.G.’sGoin’ Back To Cali” & Aaliyah’sAre You That Somebody?” to new contemporary jams such as Future’s “F*ck Up Some Commas” and Chris Brown’sLoyal“; D-Man oozes innovation by bringing freshnew spins and ideas to some of your most favorite & beloved songs. With “I Perfected The Remix” DMan has some fun in creating a new album of innovation through some incredible, banging’ production.


According to D-Man: Diddy may have invented it, but…#IPerfectedTheRemix



I Perfected The Remix click here

[NEW MUSIC] – D-Man – Ball Out (prod. by D-Man)

Fresh off critical acclaim with his work on the Sky High Fly Guys“Live…Before You Die” rapper/producer D-Man is back off hiatus & skydiving head first into a brand new extended play (EP) titled “A Life Worth Remembering“.
The title itself playing off a quote from Bruce Lee (“The key to immortality is first living…a life worth remembering”) helps to show the EP’s central theme of life & both it’s celebrations & pitfalls.
The first 1st single of #ALWR “Ball Out” showcases the flashy, more extravagant side of life & what comes with it. D-Man delivers a MONSTER of a beat w/ booming, hard hitting 808 drums and couples it with a wavy flow and deep lyricism. The track is surely a neckbreaker to be played at nothing less than high volume.
Be sure to visit Sky High’s website AboutSixMiles.com for more news on D-Man and the rest of Sky High & make sure to keep your eyes peeled A Life Worth Remembering dropping very soon.
#SkyHighTilWeSkydive x #AlwaysAndForever

[New Music Video] – Sky High Fly Guys – Shining

Fresh off their accolades with their debut release Live…Before You Die; the Sky High Fly Guys are back with their newest single off #LBYD, the hype and infectious “Shining“. Rocking over a heavy 808 bass booming MONSTER of a beat from D-Man, he and fellow Sky High co-pilots Rome Edwards & Chris Author R.A.W. proceed to bring their raucous, rebellious energy straight in your face w/ zero remorse. Shot by Jay Coney, the visuals paint a mysterious and anarchist like picture for the eyes of the world to see and remember one message:


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#SkyHighTilWeSkydive x #AlwaysAndForever

[NEW MUSIC] – High feat. Sky High Fly Guys

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Fresh out of the dope pack for 4/20 comes a brand spanking new track entitled “High” from the SHFG’s for those celebrating with that #LaSheShe today. All of the Fly Guys make an appearance on this one, so you know the bars are gift wrapped and delivered right to your ear drums; courtesy of Sky High. Originally intended to be released as a tribute during February’s Dilla Month listen to Sky High over a super neck breaking instrumental by none other than the late, great J Dilla (#RIPDilla). With whiplash inducing production and memorable verses; “High” is the perfect background track to your 4/20 sesh or a solo flight to the clouds, so check it out below!

Sky High’s newest music video “Shining” is due to be released very soon!

Happy 4/20, y’all.

#SkyHighTilWeSkydive x #AlwaysAndForever

[New Video] – Flows On The Go (ep. 1)

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After a tiring day of interviews and other event hopping, Sky High airmen Dapper Dan the Rapper Man & Author Fonzarelli decide to unwind by doing what they do best: throwing a beat on and tearin’ it the f*ck down…all while on the road home. In the first installment of  “Flows On The Go”; the Sky High Fly Guys decide to have a little fun and kick some rhymes off the top (Yes, off the top; #NoWrittens) over a never before heard original D-Man beat. And yes, the result is lyrical madness.

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[NEW MUSIC VIDEO] – Sky HIce Cream feat. D-Man, Chris Author R.A.W. & Rome Edwards – Directed by Jay Coney

From the streets to the mansions, if there’s one thing the Sky High Fly Guys know how to do; it’s have a good time. Check out the #SHFGs as they party at #GetWetPalooza (shoutout to GoodLife) and have a blast in some brand new visuals while simultaneously paying homage to Raekwon The Chef & the rest of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Ice Cream” w/ their own 2014 rendition of the RZA produced Hip-Hop classic entitled “Sky HIce Cream” off their debut LP “Live…Before You Die”. With everything from fire verses, cute kids and gratuitous a** shaking; Fly Guys D-Man, Chris Author R.A.W. & Rome Edwards (with a few opening bars by none other than Bodega Jay) deliver a potent combination of that dope sh*t set to stimulating visuals for you all to enjoy.

Download the critically acclaimed debut LP from the Sky High Fly Guys “Live…Before You Die” below!


Sky High Fly Guys – Live…Before You Die


From the depths of the tumultuous and incendiary streets of Brockton, Massachusetts, rises a new collective of young kids intent on elevating and rising above the clouds to show the world a proper view of where they come from and the society that birthed them; enter the Sky High Fly Guys. With the release of their debut project “Live…Before You Die”, leading the charge is Sky High chief airman & front man D-Man (The Parcae, Cuffing Season instrumental album trilogy, Kardia, etc.) coupled with his fellow Sky High compatriots (Chris Author R.A.W., Rome Edwards, Just Julez, Bodega Jay & more) are set to take you on a journey above the Earth through hard-hitting, trunk rattling, yet soulful production coupled the brash, youthful, energetic, yet intelligent lyrics that could only come from your not so average 20-somethings with a lot to say…all to impart on the listener, but ONE simple message:

“Live…before you die.”

#SkyHighTilWeSkydive x #AlwaysAndForever