Sky High Fly Guys – Live…Before You Die


From the depths of the tumultuous and incendiary streets of Brockton, Massachusetts, rises a new collective of young kids intent on elevating and rising above the clouds to show the world a proper view of where they come from and the society that birthed them; enter the Sky High Fly Guys. With the release of their debut project “Live…Before You Die”, leading the charge is Sky High chief airman & front man D-Man (The Parcae, Cuffing Season instrumental album trilogy, Kardia, etc.) coupled with his fellow Sky High compatriots (Chris Author R.A.W., Rome Edwards, Just Julez, Bodega Jay & more) are set to take you on a journey above the Earth through hard-hitting, trunk rattling, yet soulful production coupled the brash, youthful, energetic, yet intelligent lyrics that could only come from your not so average 20-somethings with a lot to say…all to impart on the listener, but ONE simple message:

“Live…before you die.”

#SkyHighTilWeSkydive x #AlwaysAndForever

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